Program Selection Settings (Activate LiftOff)

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Liftoff is our adaptive intervention program that helps measure and address learning loss by providing targeted instruction in a vertical alignment of skills for math and reading. LiftOff was designed to work best with students in 2nd grade or above. It is a great solution for differentiated practice, instruction, and assessment. Students are intrinsically motivated to recover academic skills gaps and master standards in a highly engaging learning environment.

Follow the steps below to Activate Liftoff for your students

  1. Go to the "Students Center" tab from the teacher dashboard and select "Manage Users" from the drop-down menu and then select "Manage Students".
  2. Filter by grade level and/or class name, then check the box next to the students' names and use the "Group Action" box to activate Liftoff for the selected students.

After you've activated Liftoff for your students. You can confirm by checking the student list at the bottom of the screen. Liftoff is active for the students that have a ✔️ in the LO column, as highlighted below.

EG Tip: We highly recommend turning Education Galaxy off for students who are using LiftOff exclusively. Removing the option to use either program eliminates confusion and ensures students are working in the correct program. By choosing this option students will be taken straight into LiftOff when they log in, instead of being presented with a choice between the two programs.

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