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It is super easy to create a class in Education Galaxy! Classes are essential to using Education Galaxy and must be created for report pulling purposes and to have the ability to assign custom assignments. Watch the video or follow the steps below to get started!

EdGal Tip: Students can be in multiple classes with multiple different teachers; there is no limit to how many classes a student is in. Ed Gal teachers love to create classes for small groups and differentiation! However, classes must be created by grade level, there is currently no option to mix grade levels in one class.
  1. Go to "Student Center," then click "Create Class."
  2. Filter by grade level; the available students will populate once the grade level is selected.
  3. Name the class
  4. Add students to the class; search for specific students or scroll through the "Student not in class" box to find your students. Use the arrow (>) between the boxes to move students into the class. If creating a class with every student from a single grade level, use the double arrow (>>) to move all students with one click.
  5. Once all students have been moved into the class, click "Create Class."
You can always edit the students in your classes by going to Student Center > View Classes > edit.
EdGal Tip: If your school utilizes a Single Sign-on, like Clever or ClassLink, you also have the ability to create a class within Education Galaxy. Classes will be automatically created and shared through Clever/ClassLink. Student accounts will automatically be created the day after they are officially rostered to your campus. This is helpful for interventionists, paraprofessionals, SPED teachers, instructional coaches, etc., who may not have an official rostered class through Clever or ClassLink. This would allow them to create assignments and pull reports for the students they work with. If you need more help with this, please get in touch with

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