Getting Teacher Accounts Ready

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We have a few different options to get teacher accounts ready:

Single Sign-On System like ClassLink or Clever

Teacher accounts will be automatically imported once the sync is complete for your campus. School administrators can get this process started by contacting your campus Education Galaxy Implementation Specialist. New classroom teachers will be automatically added the day after they are part of the official campus roster.

Administrators: If there are teachers or staff members that work with students, but they are not the teacher of record in your SSO system, you can manually create an Education Galaxy account for them. Go to School Center> Add Teacher in your administrator account and enter their information to create a teacher account. If you have multiple staff members to add, follow the steps below to import from a spreadsheet instead of adding individually. Manually added teachers would need to create a class in Education Galaxy once an account has been created for them.
Manual Rostering Using .CSV Files

School administrators can complete the steps below to import teachers manually, or they can reach out to their Education Galaxy Implementation Specialist for assistance. All teachers at the campus will be imported at one time during this process.

  1. Download the Sample CSV file linked below
  1. Enter the teacher information into the spreadsheet. If copying and pasting teacher information from another source, ensure the column headings in the spreadsheet stay exactly like the ones below.  The capitalization and order must be the same, or the import will not work. Our import system pulls the necessary information from the column headings, so the import will fail if they are not in the correct order or the capitalization is incorrect.
  2. Check for extra spaces and special characters. Search the document by pressing ctrl+F. Click on "Replace," and then type in a space in the "Find What" box. Then click "Find All," and it will show you every cell that has a space. Leave the "Replace with" box blank (we want the spaces removed) and click "Replace All," and it will replace all the spaces with nothing, eliminating the space. Do the same for special characters like –‘., (dash, apostrophe, period, comma, etc.) just type the special character in the “Find What” box and then replace it with nothing to eliminate these. The import will not work if the document contains any spaces or special characters. Once this step is complete, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

  1. Upload the spreadsheet by going to "School Center" then "Import Teachers," and click on the "Choose File" button and select the file you just saved.
  2. Then click the "Import Teachers" button.
**If you experience any issues uploading your spreadsheet, feel free to email it to us at:, and we would be happy to help with adding teachers!

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