Create Custom Tests/Assignments for Differentiation

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Creating a custom test allows the teacher to create a test or an assignment for their students. This is an optional feature that can be used to create spiral or mixed reviews, remediation or extension exercises, and/or extra practice with the ability to differentiate for students.

It provides the student with an alien explanation video and the opportunity to learn from their mistake if they miss a question. However, it will not reward students with a game when they answer a question correctly, as it is designed to be more of a "test" format.

Watch the video or follow the steps below to get started;

  1. To create a custom test/assignment, go to the "Assessment" tab and select "Build Custom Test".

  1. Choose the grade level and subject area, set the passing goal and name the test/assignment. Remember to purposefully name your test because, every custom test that is created will be saved to your school's test bank. This will make it easy to reference back to for you and your colleagues. Next, click the "Select Questions" button to get started.
  1. Click on "Choose Topic" to select a standard. Only one standard can be selected at a time, however another standard can be chosen after the questions are selected from the currently selected standard. Once the standard has been selected scroll down and click on the "Confirm Selection" button.
  1. Click the "Fetch Questions" button to populate the Question Bank with our library of questions for this standard.
  2. Move the desired questions from the Question Bank to the Test box using the arrows between the boxes. Once you are done selecting questions from that specific standard, you can go back and click "Choose Topic" again and repeat the process until you have all the questions you want on your test/assignment. Click the "Save and Preview" button to preview your test/assignment and assign it to your students.
  1. Click edit to change the test/assignment name, the passing goal and/or add or remove questions. You can choose between Create Worksheet to print the assignment/test for students or Assign to Students online.

  1. If you "Assign to Students" online simply choose the date assigned, due date, grade level, and class. Click on the "Load Students" button to populate the students in that class and differentiate by using the boxes next to each student's name. The assignment will only send to the students that are checked. Then click the "Assign" button to send the test/assignment to your students.

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