Adding students with Clever

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Campuses that roster through Clever will not be able to add new students or add students to existing classes. New students will be added to your class roster by your campus SIS. Clever will pick up new students and sync them each night in our nightly sync.  New students will be able to access their Clever account the day after they have been added to the official campus roster.

Education Galaxy classes can be created outside of your SIS by going to "Student Center" then "Create a Class". However, the custom classes will need to be managed manually.

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When a new student enrolls, it will usually take a day or two for them to show up in Education Galaxy. If new students are still not showing up, the campus administrator should reach out to whoever rosters for the campus to ensure the new student is on the official class roster. If it has been a few days and the student is still not showing up, please reach out to your Education Galaxy Onboarding Specialist for more help.

If you have questions about Single Sign-On Rostering please email for support.

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