Getting Started for School Administrators

Updated 1 year ago by Stephanie Sims

The first step to getting started with Education Galaxy is to attend a Kickoff Meeting. This meeting is specifically for the administrator on the account and is not an in-depth teacher training. Please limit to no more than 2 attendees to ensure you get the most out of this meeting.

We will walk through how to set up your admin account, discuss the options for onboarding student and teacher accounts, review the options to train your staff, and go over a few key admin reports.

Please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist to schedule your Kickoff Meeting.

You may also email to schedule your Kickoff Meeting.
We provide 3 options for training teachers and staff members on how to implement the program and use it with their students. You can choose to participate in online self-paced training modules, attend a live webinar or watch a recorded virtual training webinar or choose any combination of the 3 options. Click here to learn more about training for teachers and staff members.

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