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Creating an assignment from the test bank is an easy way to reassign a custom test you've already created or assign a custom test that another teacher at your school created. This feature can be used to create an assignment for your entire class or to differentiate for a handful of students, to learn how simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Assessment" tab and select "Create Assignment."
  2. Click the drop-down menu under "Assignment Type:" and select "Assignment from Test Bank," and then click "Next."
  3. Set the assignment date and due date, select the grade level and class or multiple classes, and then click "Load Students."
  4. Differentiate by leaving a checkmark next to the student names to assign the assignment to and then click "Next."
  5. Include directions or a message for students that they will see before starting the assignment. There are three options to choose from; no message, message in text format, or a message in video format. If you choose to do a video message, you must approve the video. Then, click "Next."
  6. Select a subject area and then select the test name you would like to assign to your students. (The tests listed in this step are titled by the teacher that created the custom test, and this is why it is essential to name the custom tests you build purposefully.) Then, click "Next."
If you don't know which test your colleague created by just looking at the test titles, check out the article linked below to learn how to view the test bank first. Viewing the test bank first will allow you to search the test bank by the author and/or preview the questions on the test before assigning it to your students. Link to article: Assigning Tests from other Teachers (Test Bank)
  1. In the final step, review the assignment summary and click "Assign." The assignment/test will appear for student(s) under the "Assignments" tab on their student dashboard on the date assigned.

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