2 Ways to Challenge Students in Education Galaxy

Updated 2 years ago by Mackenzie Maddox

If a student is excelling at mastering grade-level standards, there are 2 different options to challenge the student to extend their learning even further.

1. Prestige Mode

When students unlock Prestige Mode, they will be given the opportunity to earn Gold Plated Alien Ranking Cards. To unlock prestige mode a student must earn 2/3 of the total galaxy stars needed for their grade level and have at least an 80% on every standard. Challenge students to master all their grade-level standards and gain pride and confidence as they earn the fancy gold-plated prestige mode cards!

2. Toggle Up 1 Grade Level

If a student has mastered all of their on grade-level standards and completed Prestige Mode, challenge them to extend their learning and begin learning next year's standards. Just direct students to click on their grade level and select up 1 level from their main dashboard.

For more information about toggling up a grade level check out this article:

Implementation Idea: Celebrate success with Alien Ranking Bulletin Boards! For example; a 4th-grade student has mastered all of their standards and has reached the highest level on their classroom or grade level bulletin board. Allow this student to take their rocket/spaceship and add it to the 5th-grade board as they work on mastering 5th-grade standards by toggling up a grade level. They will feel so empowered that they are now competing with the 5th-graders in Education Galaxy!

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