Teacher Training Certifications

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Watch the video below to learn more about our online self-paced teacher training certification courses:

We know it can be difficult for teachers and staff to get together for a meeting, either in-person or via Zoom.  To address this issue our team came up with a new way to conduct training for teachers that was self-guided and engaging. 

To complete the training modules teachers go to the “Training” tab in their Education Galaxy account.

Then select the correct platform, either K-1 Program, Elementary, or Intermediate/Middle, and complete the Student and Teacher Experience training modules.  Each course consists of 3 short videos and a quiz. Once teachers complete the courses they will be able to print a certificate for 1-hour of Professional Development and download certified teacher badges they can flaunt in their email signature from the achievements tab.

Teachers can also access and download helpful resources from the documents tab. Documents include things like: Training Guides, Remote Learning information, Alien Ranking Cards, etc.

From the administrator account, there is an option to check the training progress for each teacher under Training> Teacher Training Reports. Filter by the training program and/or progress, then view or export the report.

Training Modules are a great way to encourage teachers to get the most out of the campus Education Galaxy subscription!

We provide 3 options for training teachers and staff members on implementing the program and using it with their students. You can choose to participate in online self-paced training modules, attend a live virtual training webinar, or watch a recording training session. Click on the link below for more information about our other training options; Training for Teachers and Staff Members.

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