How to Edit or Delete a Class

Updated 2 years ago by Stephanie Sims

There are many reasons classes need to be edited, such as getting new students or creating new small groups. Teachers need to edit classes to include any new student(s) for assignment assigning and report pulling purposes. Follow the steps below to edit or delete a class.

  1. Go to the "Student Center" tab and select "View Classes"
  2. Click "edit" next to the class to add the student.  Students can be in multiple classes, classes are just a way to organize students into manageable groups to give tests/assignments and pull reports.
  1. The box on the left will have all the available students to add to the class. Use the arrows in the middle to move the selected student into the class and then click "Update Class" to save.
EdGal Tip: You can also delete any classes you no longer need from your list using the 'delete' option, just double-check the class first, by clicking 'edit' or you will have to create your class over again if you delete the wrong one. There is no way to recover your class once you delete it.  The student data is still with the student; it is just the grouping of students that is deleted.

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