Recommended Time

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We don’t mandate the amount of time Education Galaxy and Liftoff should be used, as our programs are supplemental.

Education Galaxy provides instruction, practice, and exposure to on grade-level material. Ideally, you want your students to have the time to master all the on-grade level standards, since each child is unique the time needed will vary from student to student. At a minimum, we suggest having students work in the program for about an hour per week.  

LiftOff is a Math and Reading intervention supplement that provides practice and instruction in a highly engaging learning environment. First, students take an adaptive diagnostic to determine their level of proficiency within a set of vertically aligned topics and skills. Once learning gaps are identified, students work through a personalized learning path that will quickly “lift” them up to grade level. Since each child is unique, the number of learning gaps that are identified will be different, resulting in a varied amount of time needed to approach their current grade level.

The report below is REAL student data. First, compare the data in the following strands, Numbers & Place Value and Geometry & Measurement. The starting grade level is almost the same but the growth for Numbers & Place Value is much higher than Geometry & Measurement. The difference is the student spent almost double the amount of time working and answered twice as many questions in Numbers & Place Value as they did in Geometry & Measurement. The more time students have to fill in their learning gaps, the more growth you will see. 

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