How to Create a Video Message

Updated 2 years ago by Stephanie Sims

Create a video message for students that will pop up when they log into Education Galaxy. This message can be a reminder to complete work, provide directions, or just a quick hello to motivate and encourage them. Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn more.

  1. Click on the "Student Center" tab and select "Video Message"
  2. Click on the "New Video Message" button
  3. Add a message title, start date, end date, class, grade level, and select your class(es)
  4. Click on the "Load Students" button and select which students you want to receive the message. You can also use the option at the top of the list to select all students in the class(es) you've selected.
  5. Click on the camera/microphone icon to activate your camera, then click on the red record button in the bottom left-hand corner of the recording screen.
  6. Once you are done recording the video click on the green "Assign" button to send it to your students
  7. The video message will pop up on the screen for students as soon as they log into Education Galaxy

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