3 Writing Strategies for Review

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Education Galaxy has a great library of prompts that can be used for a variety of activities and practice. Teachers can access prompts for different writing genres and grade levels under the Assessment tab in the teacher dashboard. Teachers then click Create Writing Task under Compositions. Teachers can download prompts from the Composition Test or Practice.

Instructional Strategy: Prompt Circus

The teacher will place several different prompts around the classroom. The students will then have a timer to walk around the classroom and brainstorm on a sticky note a topic for that specific prompt.

After students have rotated around to each prompt and posted a good topic to support the prompt, the teacher can then discuss ideas with the class or in small groups. If the teacher wants to extend the discussion, students can rotate around the classroom a second time to post reasons for a topic with that specific prompt.


Education Galaxy offers a wide range of practice in language arts through Skill Practice, the Study Plan, and My Recommended Topics of Study. Students can reinforce any of the writing standards to support their individual learning needs.

Instructional Strategy: Galaxy Star Competition

Teachers can have a class or individual student goal of earning 3 Galaxy Stars on specific language arts standards from the Study Plan. Teachers can download the Class Standards Star report to track progress. When students or the class earns 3 Galaxy Stars for a standard, teachers can then celebrate with recognition or a fun celebration.


Alien Arena is the perfect way to collaborate and involve everyone in the learning process! Teachers can easily create an Alien Arena session for all state language arts standards.

Instructional Strategy: Be the Judge

Students are put into groups and assigned a letter answer choice. Before students submit their answer in Alien Arena, they have to talk to their group and decide if their answer is Innocent (correct) or Guilty (incorrect). The groups then discuss and share why, and then check by submitting their answers in Alien Arena. The teacher can clarify and explain the answer choices after answers are submitted with the Alien Explanation video provided for each question.

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