K-1 Implementation

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At Education Galaxy, we have many ways to implement our program for your K-1 students:

  1. We have unique training modules for K-1 teachers in their Education Galaxy teacher accounts. They will just go to Training> My Training and choose the K-1 program. Teachers will see two modules, one for the Student Experience and the other for the Teacher Experience; each will take about 15 minutes to complete. Teachers will also have access to training and implementation documents to review. Then teachers will download a 1-hour certificate for Professional Development under the Achievements tab on the right-hand side of their training page.  
  2. Our Getting Started with K-1 Students PDF gives teachers a quick and easy plan for implementing Education Galaxy in their classrooms. We highly recommend starting with whole group instruction until students are familiar with the program and comfortable logging into their accounts and working on their own devices with teacher support. 
  3. Alien Arena is an excellent option for using Education Galaxy in an interactive whole group setting. Teachers can create Alien Arena sessions under the Assessment tab from their teacher dashboard.  Students can participate in the lessons either on the teacher's device (smartboard/projector) or on their devices (Chromebooks/iPads), working as teams to answer the questions.
  4. K-1 Supersheets are designed to be interactive worksheets you can use with your students. Each Supersheet contains unique question items that are entirely different question banks than our Study Plan and Assignment questions, so it is a great way to get even more standards-aligned practice for your K-1 Students.  
  5. We have a K-1 Implementation Webinar; however, the teacher dashboard looks different in the video since we revamped the Teacher Dashboard this year! One of our Education Galaxy Trainers walks teachers through different implementation ideas for K-1 teachers. This video may be helpful for teachers to watch during a planning session since it is about 30 minutes long. 

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