SuperSheets for 2nd-8th Grade

Updated 1 year ago by Mackenzie Maddox

What are they? Supersheets are pre-built worksheets that are available for K-8 students. Grades 2-8 are compatible with our tech-enhanced answer sheets. They give students the ability to practice bubbling in an answer document and are designed to be easily graded with your smartphone using the EG Connect App.

SuperSheets are great for test prep and can be used independently or in small groups.

Best of all, every Supersheet question is unique and completely separate from our online database; meaning you and your students receive more practice and more value!

The app captures all the comprehensive data and instantly adds the data to your Education Galaxy reports where you can view an Item Analysis report showing correct answers and misconceptions on incorrect answers. Watch the video below to learn more about the reports available for SuperSheets!

Click here for the Education Galaxy Connect App article to learn more
Click here for a step-by-step guide for Getting Started with SuperSheets

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